The MyoReGenX™ platform is unique to Satellos. Grounded in decades of pioneering muscle stem cell knowledge established by the Rudnicki lab, it serves three core functions:

  1. Recapitulation of the muscle stem cell micro-environment (the “niche”);
  2. Identification, classification and confirmation of regenerative deficits in serious muscle diseases; and,
  3. Discovery and development of therapeutic solutions for those cases where regeneration is found to be impaired.

MyoReGenX™ was specifically designed to recreate the specialized muscle stem cell niche in vitro. Maintaining this micro-environment is an absolute sina qua non for sustaining the identity and function of muscle stem cells outside of the body. MyoReGenX™ uniquely enables us to: map pathways which modulate muscle repair and regeneration, identify and confirm drug targets, and test drug candidates for their ability to restore muscle stem cell repair mechanisms that have been impaired by genetic mutations, disease or injury.  Deploying MyoReGenX™, Satellos is developing novel muscle stem cell targeted regenerative therapeutics with the potential to greatly improve the lives of individuals suffering from serious muscle diseases. Our initial focus areas are muscular dystrophies and aging muscle.


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