Our Company

Satellos is a biotechnology company founded on game changing science in skeletal muscle regeneration. Our vision is to invent and develop medicines which reset the body’s innate ability for self-repair as a truly novel approach for the treatment of devastating muscle disorders. The genesis of our science is a seminal 2007 Cell paper by our founder and CSO, Dr. Michael Rudnicki, in which he identified and defined a sub-population of muscle (aka “satellite”) stem cells capable of self-renewal and regeneration. Deploying our proprietary MyoReGenX™ discovery platform, we have made numerous subsequent discoveries in the regulation of these cells ‒ and have identified regeneration deficits spanning genetic disorders such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy to debilitations of ageing. Our lead drug program in Duchenne, where we have shown that impaired stem cell function severely compromises muscle regeneration throughout life, intends to correct this stem cell deficiency to enable muscle regeneration throughout life. We believe our unique therapeutic approach offers potential for addressing the progressive muscle loss in Duchenne and other serious disorders, thereby improving the quality and duration of patients’ lives.

Our History

Satellos Bioscience Inc. was founded in 2018 by biotechnology entrepreneurs Mr. Frank Gleeson and Dr. Michael Rudnicki, PhD, OC, FRS in partnership with Bloom Burton & Co., Canada’s largest specialty biotechnology advisors and bankers. In 2021, Satellos executed a reverse takeover of iCo Therapeutics Inc., undertook a concurrent capital raise and began trading on the TSX-V under the ticker “MSCL” (OTC:MSCLF).