Regenerating Muscle From Within™

Our mission is to improve the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other devastating muscle diseases by regenerating muscle with small molecule therapeutics.

Reimagining treatment
Rethinking how to treat
Duchenne muscular dystrophy

At Satellos Bioscience, we are developing new small molecule medicines for Duchenne muscular dystrophy that rethink the way degenerative muscle diseases are treated. Our work is powered by a profound understanding of muscle biology and a deep commitment to patients and their families.

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Novel small molecule approach for muscle growth and repair

Our small molecule therapeutic approach to Duchenne muscular dystrophy is informed by decades of scientific research focused on muscle regeneration. Our lead drug candidate is designed to modulate a dystrophin-independent pathway with the goal to support muscle tissue growth and repair, and ultimately muscle function.

Our Approach
Our Science
New pathways with the
potential to improve lives

Each day we are inspired by those who struggle and overcome these degenerative muscle diseases with positivity and grace. This is why we are focused on all aspects of muscle biology – to find new pathways and therapeutic approaches that cannot only preserve muscle tissue but also support growth
and repair.

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