Modulating stem cells; treating disease

Treating disease by modulating stem cells

A Pharmacologic Approach to Stimulating Regeneration

Satellos is focused on a bold idea: stimulating the body’s innate tissue repair and regeneration mechanisms with biologic and small molecule drugs. Our scientists have discovered a novel means to modulate the balance between stem cell replenishment and differentiation by targeting a process known as polarity. Acute injury or trauma, chronic illness or genetic diseases, and aging lead to alterations in stem cell polarity. Modulating polarity with drug interventions will make it possible to enhance tissue regeneration for the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

  • Normal Balance

    Normal muscle regeneration.

  • Aging

    Repair deficit.

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    Repair deficit.

  • Balance restored with drug

    Muscle regeneration.

  • Enhanced with drug

    Enhanced regeneration.

Satellos Bioscience

About Satellos

We are a private, Canadian-based regenerative medicine company formed in 2018 as a partnership among Dr. Michael Rudnicki, one of the country’s foremost stem cell scientists and CEO of the Stemcell Network of Canada, Bloom Burton & Co. – the nation’s largest healthcare investment bank -- and Mr. Frank Gleeson, a serial biotech entrepreneur and former healthcare VC. Satellos has recently completed a seed round of financing to pursue its unique approach of pharmacologically modulating stem cell polarity to stimulate in vivo tissue repair and regeneration. Our initial focus is muscle regeneration, a field in which Dr. Rudnicki is a world leader, with a lead program in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The Science of Polarity

Satellite (i.e., muscle stem) cells reside within a niche on a myofiber that establishes internal cell polarity [left panel, below]. Following activation and entry into the cell cycle, polarized expression of cell fate determinants facilitates asymmetric division to generate a stem cell and a progenitor. The decision to undertake an asymmetric division is highly regulated and the balance between symmetric self-renewal and asymmetric division significantly impacts the efficiency of regeneration in health and disease. It is this balance that Satellos proposes to modulate.

Modulating Polarity

Top right panel: muscle stem cell dividing symmetrically to generate two stem cells.
Lower right panel: asymmetric division generating one stem cell and one progenitor (green).

Our Founding Team

CSO - Michael Rudnicki, OC, PhD, FRSC

CSO - Michael Rudnicki, OC, PhD, FRSC

Dr. Michael Rudnicki is Director - Regenerative Medicine and the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He serves as CEO of the Stem Cell Network of Canada. A Past Foreign Scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dr. Rudnicki holds 10 patents and has authored over 200 publications. He is a co-founder of Verio Therapeutics Inc. & Fate Therapeutics Inc.

CEO - Frank Gleeson, MBA

CEO - Frank Gleeson, MBA

Frank Gleeson is an experienced business executive, VC investor and biotech entrepreneur. He has an extensive background in start-up situations spanning over a dozen companies where he has established teams, negotiated multiple transactions and secured funding in excess of $200M. In 2008, Frank co-founded Verio Therapeutics Inc. with Dr. Rudnicki. Subsequently, Frank arranged and negotiated a successful exit to Fate Therapeutics Inc., who acquired Verio in 2010.

Head of Drug Discovery and Development – Sridhar Narayan, PhD

Head of Drug Discovery and Development – Sridhar Narayan, PhD

Sridhar Narayan is a veteran medicinal chemist with extensive success working with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Eisai, AstraZeneca, Navitor, and Appili. Sridhar brings to Satellos a proven track record of advancing compounds into development in a number of disease areas.

Bloom Burton & Co.

Bloom Burton & Co.

Bloom Burton & Co. is a leading Canadian healthcare investment firm. With a proven track record of creating value for clients and investors, Bloom Burton is also known for their keen eye in identifying successful emerging bioscience companies. They are co-founders of Appili Therapeutics Inc. & Triumvira Immunologics Inc.

For Investors and Partners

Satellos Bioscience’s strategy is to advance its scientific platform through biopharmaceutical partnerships. We are seeking discussions with companies who have franchise interests in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, musculoskeletal or neurodegeneration diseases, and aging.

Satellos is establishing a powerful discovery platform based upon a disruptive scientific idea. We are keen to engage with visionary venture capital and strategic investors whose passion is building new companies around bold, game-changing concepts.

Satellos Bioscience

Contact Satellos

For investment or general inquiry, please contact Frank Gleeson at:

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