At Satellos, we are united with the same purpose – to advance new therapeutics that can improve the lives of people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other degenerative muscle diseases.

Life at Satellos
Our journey is guided by collaboration, commitment, and courage.

We dream big and won’t rest until we have turned over every stone on the pathway to a better future for those affected by devastating muscle diseases and disorders.

We are unafraid, bold, and accepting.

We embrace the unique perspectives of each team member as we know that our differences make us stronger.

We believe that behaviors count, and collectively, our accomplishments are only possible because of the unique qualities that each of us boldly contribute.

About Us

Currently, there are no open positions. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep informed as new positions become available. If you think you’d be indispensable, please email and tell us why.

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